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  • Arc

    As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets, neodymium magnets are the most powerful magnets produced commercially. NdFeB arc magnets, also known as NdFeB arc magnets, are sintered neodymium magnets with unique shapes. Almost all NdFeB arc magnets are used in permanent magnet (PM) motors, generators or magnetic couplings Rotor and stator in the device.

  • Block

    NdFeB block magnet is available in a wide range of dimension, grade, and coatings. It is generally specified according to the Length x Width xThickness. The first two dimensions specify the pole face’s size of each magnet, then the last dimension detail the distance between the N pole and S pole, or magnetization direction. Block magnet can be further classified to rectangular magnet, slab magnet, cube magnet, and square magnet in accordance with above three dimensions. Operating temperatures of Neodymium block magnet vary among material’s grades and can be used for a huge variety of applications.

  • Disc

    Neodymium disc magnets have become a preferred solution for a wide variety of industrial and civil applications. Neodymium disc magnet is typically measured by the diameter and thickness, then its thickness is always smaller than the diameter. The great majority of Neodymium disc magnet are axially magnetized and widely served various types of application, such as holding purpose and speaker magnet. Diametrically magnetized pattern is also available for circular magnet and most of diametrically magnetized Neodymium disc magnet are used as the sensor magnet. Production efficiency of Neodymium disc magnet has gained a remarkable development with the widely application of multi-wire sawing.

  • Cylinder

    Cylinder magnet is also referred to as Neodymium rod magnet. It is similar with Neodymium disc magnet that Neodymium cylinder magnet is measured according to the diameter (D) and length (L), where the length is equal to or exceeds the diameter. The higher L/D ratio enables the axially magnetized Neodymium cylinder magnets have higher gauss value and making it well suitable for activating hall sensor and reed switch. In addition, Neodymium cylinder magnet with higher L/D ratio can also generate much stronger pull force from the relatively small magnetic pole area and exhibit superior temperature stability. Other representative application of Neodymium cylinder magnet includes magnetic bead separation rack and some holding applications.

  • Ring

    NdFeB ring magnets are circular in shape with a concentric hole inside it. Magnet ring can be divided to pure ring or countersunk ring based on the detailed shape of the inner hole. Neodymium ring magnet should be measured by outer diameter (O.D.), inner diameter (I.D.), and thickness (T). Similar to Neodymium disc magnet, ring shaped magnet can be magnetized with its N pole and S pole opposite flat end surfaces or diametrically magnetized so as to the N pole is on one curved side and the S pole is on opposite curved side. Besides the conventional axially magnetized or diametrically magnetized magnets, radially oriented ring magnet is also available in ZHIYU. In addition, Neodymium magnets are easily corrode under humid condition and are necessary to cover with a protective coating.

  • Special-Shaped

    In addition to the above shapes, neodymium iron boron magnets also have horseshoe, spherical, and other special shapes.Special-shaped magnets are mainly used on special occasions, such as magnetic connectors, and some non-standard components. Common heterogeneous magnets include large and small end magnets, T-shaped magnets, chamfered magnets, semicircular magnets, concave and convex magnets, and slotted magnets.The company can complete various shapes according to the drawings provided by customers to meet their needs.

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Hangzhou Zhiyu Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is China NdFeB Magnet Shape manufacturers and NdFeB Magnet Shape factory. Hangzhou Zhiyu Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou City. It mainly focuses on the research and production of samarium cobalt permanent magnetic materials and magnetic components, and also sells magnetic steel and magnetic components such as neodymium iron boron and aluminum nickel cobalt.
The products are widely used in industries such as national defense and military, aerospace, permanent magnet (high-speed) motors, hydrogen energy compressors, automotive electronics, 5G communication, petrochemical, instrumentation, etc. The variety of samarium cobalt products is complete, with an annual production capacity of over 200 tons;
Fully covering the entire series of samarium cobalt grades of 1:5 and 2:17, covering the entire series of Br0.5T-1.2T;
Stable production of high-performance samarium cobalt magnetic steel with Br ≥ 1.16T and Hcj≥25KOe;
Stable production of Br≥0.96T low-temperature coefficient series products, with residual magnetic temperature coefficient a<-0.01%;
Stable production of ultra-high temperature (temperature resistance ≥ 550 ℃) and high Br (Br ≥ 1.02T) samarium cobalt magnetic steel;
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Industry knowledge

What are the different shapes available for NdFeB magnets?
NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) magnets are available in various shapes to suit different application requirements. Here are some commonly used shapes for NdFeB magnets:
Disc/Cylinder: Disc or cylinder-shaped NdFeB magnets are one of the most common shapes. They have a cylindrical or disc-like geometry with equal diameter and height. These magnets are widely used in motors, generators, sensors, and other industrial applications.
Block/Rectangular: NdFeB magnets can be manufactured in block or rectangular shapes. They have a rectangular cross-section with varying lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Block magnets are often used in magnetic assemblies, magnetic separators, and other applications where a larger surface area is required.
Ring/Torus: NdFeB magnets can be produced in ring or torus shapes, featuring a circular or annular geometry. Ring magnets with a central hole are commonly used in applications where they need to be mounted around a shaft or used in rotating assemblies.
Arc/Segment: Arc or segment-shaped NdFeB magnets have a curved geometry resembling a portion of a ring or cylinder. They are commonly used in motors, generators, magnetic separators, and applications requiring specific arc shapes to interact with other magnetic components.
Sphere/Ball: NdFeB magnets are available in spherical shapes or as ball magnets. They are commonly used in applications such as magnetic toys, educational kits, magnetic levitation, and artistic displays.
Custom Shapes: NdFeB magnets can also be manufactured in custom shapes according to specific application requirements. Custom shapes can vary widely and may include complex geometries tailored to fit unique design needs.
Which NdFeB magnet shape is commonly used in industrial applications?
Disc/cylinder-shaped NdFeB magnets are commonly used in industrial applications. These magnets have a cylindrical or disc-like geometry with equal diameter and height. Some of the reasons for their widespread use in industrial applications are:
Uniform Magnetic Field: Disc/cylinder-shaped magnets provide a relatively uniform magnetic field along the axial direction. This uniformity is advantageous in applications where a consistent magnetic field orientation is required.
Easy Handling: The disc/cylinder shape is easy to handle and allows for convenient installation in various industrial systems and assemblies.
Large Surface Area: Disc/cylinder magnets offer a larger surface area compared to other shapes, providing a strong magnetic force and allowing for better contact or interaction with other components or surfaces.
Motor and Generator Applications: Disc/cylinder-shaped NdFeB magnets are commonly used in motors, generators, and magnetic assemblies. Their shape allows for efficient magnetic field generation, enabling high-performance motors and generators.