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Motor is an electromagnetic device which achieves conversion between mechanical energy and electric energy via the magnetic field. The air gap magnetic field for electromechanical energy conversion can be produced by applying the electric current to excitation winding or utilize permanent magnet. Permanent magnet motor refer to those motor which utilize permanent magnetic field to instead excitation windings. Permanent magnet motor generally can be classified into permanent magnet alternating current (PMAC) motor and permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor according to current form. PMDC motor and PMAC motor can be further divided to brush/brushless motor and asynchronous/synchronous motor, respectively. Permanent magnet excitation can significantly decrease power consumption and strengthen the running performance of the motor. Almost two-thirds of the rare earth permanent magnet are applied to manufacture various kinds of permanent magnet motors nowadays. Permanent magnet motor is primarily composed of the rotor and stator. The rotor and stator act as the moving and stationary part in the permanent magnet motor, respectively.

Magnetic Rotor Assemblies

The magnetic rotor assembly is one of the representative magnetic assemblies, and the rotor assembly is composed of metal parts and permanent magnets. In fact, depending on the application, motor type and assembly process, sintered neodymium magnets, sintered samarium cobalt magnets, bonded magnets and sintered ferrite magnets can all be used in the rotor assembly. It should be noted that laminated magnets made with magnet segmentation technology can also be used in assemblies to reduce eddy current losses.

Magnetic Stator Assemblies

Magnetic stator assemblies is also a representatives magnetic assembly,consisting of housing and permanent magnet which similar like magnetic rotor assembly. Permanent magnets are mounted on the housing, then housing working as the magnetic yoke to a form a magnetic circuit.

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Hangzhou Zhiyu Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is China Magnetic Stator Assembly manufacturers and Magnetic Stator Assembly factory. Hangzhou Zhiyu Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou City. It mainly focuses on the research and production of samarium cobalt permanent magnetic materials and magnetic components, and also sells magnetic steel and magnetic components such as neodymium iron boron and aluminum nickel cobalt.
The products are widely used in industries such as national defense and military, aerospace, permanent magnet (high-speed) motors, hydrogen energy compressors, automotive electronics, 5G communication, petrochemical, instrumentation, etc. The variety of samarium cobalt products is complete, with an annual production capacity of over 200 tons;
Fully covering the entire series of samarium cobalt grades of 1:5 and 2:17, covering the entire series of Br0.5T-1.2T;
Stable production of high-performance samarium cobalt magnetic steel with Br ≥ 1.16T and Hcj≥25KOe;
Stable production of Br≥0.96T low-temperature coefficient series products, with residual magnetic temperature coefficient a<-0.01%;
Stable production of ultra-high temperature (temperature resistance ≥ 550 ℃) and high Br (Br ≥ 1.02T) samarium cobalt magnetic steel;
Provide one-stop services from design to product application.

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